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A Christian Response to the Supreme Court Decision

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4 Studies on 2 DVD's

In light of the Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex marriage, we are either headed for revival then judgment, or just judgment. If the former is going to occur rather than the latter, then it is crucial that we the Church respond in an appropriate and timely manner. Therefore, this study, A Christian Response to the Supreme Court Decision, exposes the foreboding danger that this ruling will bring upon our nation if things don’t turn around very quickly. You will also be thoroughly equipped to give a loving Biblical apologetic response to 15 different accusations made against Christians regarding this issue. Things like, “You’re being Hateful or Homophobic,” “You Shouldn’t Judge,” “You’re Interpreting The Bible Wrong,” “How Could It Be Wrong If We Love Each Other,” etc. This study also provides the much needed encouragement for the believer during these dark times as well as the necessary godly direction that will illuminate the correct path for revival to occur, the only thing that can save America before it’s too late.


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