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Abortion: The Mass Murder of Children Book

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206 Pages
Imagine somebody coming along, murdering, ruthlessly slaughtering, ten times the amount of people as Hitler did during the Holocaust with the Jews. Then consider the methods that were used by this group of people in order to massacre others in cold blood, including dismembering them alive, literally limb by limb, and then casually throwing their remains into a garbage receptacle. Still other forms of extermination upon these innocent victims involved cutting their spinal cords and then sucking out their brains until they experienced a horrible gruesome death. Then imagine the perpetrators not only becoming millionaires from this sickening human annihilation, but they even go so far as to say they have a “legal right” to do this deadly deed. Believe it or not, what has just been described to you is not a make-believe horror movie for Hollywood, rather it’s our society’s current deadly, dark reality with the Abortion movement. Therefore, this study, Abortion The Mass Murder of Children gets to the heart of the matter and equips you, the reader, with the much needed hard core evidence that unmasks the gruesome reality of Abortion. Here you will discover such shocking truths as:

The History of Abortion
The Motive of Abortion
The Church & Abortion
The Survivors of Abortion
The Aftermath of Abortion
The Response to Abortion
The Future of Abortion

Don’t be fooled by the Abortion industry’s terminology. It’s not a fetus, it’s a baby. It’s not a pregnancy termination, it’s the murder of a child, which means, no one, male or female, has a so-called right to do. The sad reality is this, we are witnessing the greatest human holocaust of all time and it’s high time that we speak up on behalf of these little ones.

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