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Charismatic Chaos - The Untold History of the Charismatic Movement 2 Book Set

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2 Book Set - 966 pages

It’s being called a new wave or movement of the Spirit of God. Others would declare it’s a modern day repeat of the supernatural events that occurred at the birth of the Church. Others still would have us believe that it’s a special outpouring of God’s Spirit custom tailored for the Last Days. Of course, I’m talking about the Charismatic Movement that has swept our nation and migrated around the world. However, what most people don’t realize, is that much of what occurs within this so-called movement of God, not only is not coming from God, but it is littered with a plethora of occult activity, tons of false teachings, and is also destroying the lives and walks those who get involved with it. Therefore, this book set, Charismatic Chaos The Untold History of the Charismatic Movement seeks to equip you with the eye-opening truths concerning what’s really going on behind this Charismatic curtain and exposes their true history as well as the dangerous demonic activity.

Here you will be immersed in their shocking unbiblical beliefs and practices such as:

Slain in the Spirit
Drunk in the Spirit
Holy Laughter
Angel Feathers
Gold Dust
Speaking in Gibberish
Female Pastors
Losing Your Salvation
Deliverance Ministries
Grave Soaking

Here you will be immersed in their false teachers such as:

Charles Parham
Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker
Paul & Jan Crouch
Jimmy Swaggart 
Oral Roberts
Benny Hinn 
Kenneth Copeland
Paula White
The New Apostolic Reformation
Hillsong & Bethel Church Music

Is the Charismatic Movement really a benefit to the Body of Christ? Are they giving the non-Christian a true representation of the Gospel? Are their supernatural experiences really coming from the Holy Spirit of God? Upon examining the hardcore facts, unfortunately, the answer to all three questions is a resounding no! In these pages you will discover it is rather a movement in these Last Days to lead people away from Jesus Christ, His one and only true Gospel, and give a horrible false representation of the real Church. Don’t delay, get your copy today of Charismatic Chaos The Untold History of the Charismatic Movement and share the truth about this deceptive movement to as many as you can before it’s too late!

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