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Defenders of the Faith USB Flash Drive

Defenders of the Faith USB Flash Drive

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All 29 Studies on USB Flash Drive
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If there’s one thing our world can’t stand to hear from Christians in regards to their skeptical questions it’s this statement, “Well, you just got to accept it by faith.” And yes, while it is true that faith is necessary for salvation, God still commanded His people to give a “defense” for that faith using sound logic, reason, and satisfying philosophical answers. Therefore, this study, Introduction to Apologetics, seeks to equip you the Christian with the soundness of our faith in regards to such skeptical questions as, Does God Exist? What about Evolution? Is the Bible Really the Word of God? Why is There Evil and Suffering in the World? Is Jesus Really the Son of God? Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? What is the Meaning of Life? and much more. Believe it or not, when you become a Christian you don’t have to “check in your brain at the door.” God clearly says, “Come let us reason together.” Get your copy of Introduction to Apologetics today and start sharing those logical straightforward God-given answers to your skeptical friends now!

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