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Drones, Artificial Intelligence & The Coming Human Annihilation Book

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296 Pages
By Pastor Billy Crone
Imagine a world full of drones of all shapes and sizes that are everywhere in the air, on the land, the sea, or even under the sea, including Terminator robots. Now ponder an existence where these same drones monitor and control everything spying on our every move. Stir in an actual movement going on right now in the scientific community to create a super highly advanced Artificial Intelligence to control it all on a global scale and you now have what is contained within this book: Drones, Artificial Intelligence, & the Coming Human Annihilation. This macabre dark scenario might seem like some futuristic science fiction story or even a bit far-fetched. Yet, what you are about to discover in the pages of this book is the spine-chilling truth that this wild shocking reality is actually being developed right now before our very eyes. This book, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, & the Coming Human Annihilation, will to enlighten you to the hardcore facts concerning this dangerous emerging technology.

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