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Mormonism and the Occult Behavior of Joseph Smith

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Mormonism and the Occult Behavior of Joseph Smith
341 Pages

Joseph Smith, Jr was born in 1805 in the state of Vermont, acquiring his father's traits of being a gold digger, and from his mother, superstition and involvement in witchcraft and the occult. During his younger years while trying to decide which denomination he should join, he was told by "Jesus" that he should not join any of them because they were all abominations. As he continued his search, he received a "burning in his bosom" while receiving several visits from an "angel" named Moroni from which he was also supposedly given a set of golden plates. They were later translated in 1830 into the Book of Mormon and the Mormon church of The Church of Latter Day Saints was established. Because Joseph Smith was a liar, a plagiarist, a racist, involved in witchcraft and the occult and had multiple relations with other church member's wives, he was finally murdered by his own members in 1844. His life may have ended abruptly, but the LDS church continued to grow and make money. As you read this book, you will learn more about the following topics:

Mormonism and its relation to Freemasonry
Mormonism and the Native Americans
Mormonism and racism
Mormonism and Joseph Smith the martyr
Mormonism and their secret handshakes, symbols and undergarments
Mormonism and the Baptism of the Dead
Mormonism and Witchcraft

You will find that after reading this book, these people are in great need of hearing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and be told they need to run, not walk, from the false teachings they are under. This study will give you the necessary knowledge to witness to the Mormons and open their eyes.

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