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New Age & The Last Days Deception Book

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316 Pages
Some would say New Age refers to those flower loving, freewheeling people in the 60’s who wore tinfoil triangles on their head. Others will remark it has to do with those who fear for the ecosystem. Still some will give you a blank stare and say they have no idea what you’re talking about. Yet, little do any of these people realize that the beliefs and teachings of the New Age Movement have not only permeated virtually every sector of our society, but they are leading mankind towards the greatest time of deceit this planet has ever seen. Therefore, this book, New Age & the Last Days Deception, seeks to give you the reader an in-depth insight into the background and beliefs of the New Age Movement and how they are attempting to lead and deceive our planet. Here you will discover such shocking facts as: The Basics of New Age, New Age in Society, The Beliefs of New Age, New Age & Astrology, The History of New Age, New Age & Mediumship, Oprah Winfrey & Her New Age Friends, and New Age & Divination.

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