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Please Don't Go To Hell

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A.W. Tozer said, The vague and tenuous hope that God is too kind to punish the ungodly has become a deadly opiate for the consciences of millions. Why? Because even though Jesus talked more about hell than He ever did about heaven and even though He warned us over and over again about such a horrible place, people still refuse to believe Him. And to make matters worse, the American Church now refuses to talk about it. Therefore, Please Don't Go To Hell is a compassionate plea for not only the world but for the American Church to wake up before it's too late. This series looks first at The Necessity of Hell and Nine Common Objections to Hell that people have. Such false objections as Universalism, Hell is only Temporary, Annihilationism, Why doesn't God just Reform People, Isn't Eternal Damnation a bit Overkill, Hell has no Redeeming Value, Hell is Life on Earth, Only rotten People Go to Hell, and Hell is Unfair. Then you will take a look at The Nature of Hell with one of the most shocking and graphic audio and visual descriptions of this place of eternal torment that you will ever see. And finally, you will observe the wonderful truth that you can just simply Say No to Hell Why? Because of the amazing love of God. Believe it or not, through Jesus Christ we can have Palace in Heaven instead of a Pit in Hell, a Body of Perfection instead of a Body of Pain, and a Heavenly Welcome instead of a Hellish Goodbye. People, hell is real whether you believe in it or not. It's just as long as heaven is and once you're there you're not getting out, ever! Please, give your life to Jesus today. Don't leave this earth without Him. Whatever you do, Please Don't Go To Hell!

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