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Seventh Day Adventism and the False Prophecies of Ellen G. White

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Seventh Day Adventists
261 Pages

The Seventh Day Adventist cult was actually established by accident, or you might say a bad judgment by a man named William Miller. He made the mistake of proclaiming that Jesus would return on a certain date that didn't happen. He tried to fix it by setting another date that also didn't happen. He eventually decided that what he was doing was wrong and repented and said he would never do it again. Unfortunately, it didn't stop there and the organization continued on. After splitting several times, a woman named Ellen G. White came on to the scene. While a child, she was hit in the head with a rock causing her to be unconscious for a period of time. Because of what could be called brain damage, she started seeing visions that she said were from God. The Seventh Day Adventists now had a "prophet" giving the people new revelations that they had to follow to get to heaven. But even now, when they follow all the rules that she put forth, they never know if they have actually accomplished everything to get to heaven. As you read this book, you will understand how these people are being led AWAY from heaven. Some of the topics are:

Why is it wrong to set dates?
Why do they have to pass "Investigative Judgment" to get to heaven?
Where did the Clear Word Bible come from?
What is "soul sleep?"
How does Kellog's cereal fit in with Seventh Day Adventism?
Do Seventh Day Adventists believe in a heaven and hell?
Who are some Seventh Day Adventist celebrities?

You will find that after reading this book, these people are in great need of hearing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to run, not walk, from this cult. This study will give you the necessary knowledge needed to witness to a Seventh Day Adventist and open their eyes to the false teachings they believe.

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