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Subliminal Seduction Audio Book (DOWNLOAD)

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What if I were to tell you that your whole life was a media generated illusion just like in the movie The Truman Show? What if you discovered that everything you thought you knew about life, including the very thoughts you formulate, were actually the result and byproduct of a make-believe world you were forced to live in just like The Matrix movie? And finally, what if you stumbled upon the horrifying truth that all of this manipulation upon people’s minds was not only going on across the whole planet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, non-stop, but it really was being generated by a handful of elites just like in the movie They Live? As crazy and science fiction as all that sounds, all three of those movie premises have become our everyday reality. Therefore, this series, Subliminal Seduction: How the Mass Media Mesmerizes the Minds of the Masses seeks to inform, expose, and equip you with the shocking evidence of how our whole planet really is being controlled and manipulated by a small group of entities who are mesmerizing us for their own nefarious agendas using the power of Mass Media to get the job done. Believe it or not, our whole planet has been taken over by a group of elite individuals who have enslaved humanity through the power of Mass Media and mesmerized us to do their will. They have created a planet full of mindless, addicted zombies who will now “obey” “buy” “consume” “never question authority” “reproduce” “submit” and even “sleep” as the subliminal media tells us to do. Therefore, in this study, you will be given the necessary set of “glasses” to “see” through this world of illusion in order to be “set free” from this prison planet we are now living in!

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