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The Seals DVD

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20 Parts on 10 DVD's
A Panoramic View of the First Half of the 7-Year Tribulation

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What will it be like for those left behind after the Rapture of the Church? What horrors await the planet when the prophesied Seven Year Tribulation begins in all its gory detail? Do Christians need to be concerned about the Seven Year Tribulation? Is it too late for people to turn to the Messiah? Will there be any way out of this horrible timeframe when God pours out His unmitigated wrath? How will the antichrist deceive so many people and take over the world? Are there any signs that this period described by Jesus as the worst time in the history of mankind is actually fast approaching? All these questions and much, much more will be answered in this DVD set, The Seals: A Panoramic View of the First Half of the Seven Year Tribulation. Here you will explore amazing revelations and exciting facts of such mindboggling prophesied events as:

1. The Events After The Rapture
2. The Blessings of The Seals
3. The Prelude of The Seals
4. The Timing of The Seals
5. Breaking The Anti-Christ Seal
6. Breaking The War Seal
7. Breaking The Famine Seal
8. Breaking The Death Seal
9. Breaking The Martyrdom Seal
10. Breaking The Doomsday Seal

Buckle your seatbelts, hold on to your hats, and get ready for the journey of your life! No other video series takes you on such an in-depth, amazing thrill ride through the first half of the Seven Year Tribulation. You will explore the original language, examine historical customs and mannerisms, and get even more excited about the Lord’s soon return. Get it today and warn as many as you can before it’s too late!

Featuring Top Bible Prophecy Experts such as: Jan Markell, Dr. David Reagan, Nathan Jones and Pastor JD Farag!

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