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The Ten Commandments

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Attention all earthlings! God is Holy and we are not. The bad news is that the penalty for our unholy behavior is not merely death but eternal death in hell. The good news is that if we would acknowledge this and accept Jesus Christ's forgiveness, we can be saved. But here's the cosmic dilemma. We don't want to admit our unholiness let alone call upon the Name of the Lord! Therefore, how is a Supernatural Multi-dimensional Infinite Holy God going to communicate this problem to tiny finite unholy human beings? That's right! He uses an external teaching tool called the Ten Commandments. People the Ten Commandments are not merely a mode of behavior. They exist to show us our need of a Savior. It's God's 10-step testing procedure designed to reveal His Holiness and our sinfulness. The 10 tests are, No other gods, No Idols, No Using God's Name in Vain, No Breaking the Sabbath, No Dishonoring Your Parents, No Murder, No Adultery, No Stealing, No Lying, and No Coveting. People of God, if we are ever going to get our society back on track, then we've got to remember the purpose of the Ten Commandments. Why? Because no external law can change man's internal heart. And this is what our country has totally forgotten! What we need is God! And this is what God's been trying to remind us in The Ten Commandments. And people, I'm telling you, the reason why our nation is going to hell is because we're telling God to do the same. How? By trying to get rid of the Ten Commandments.  

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