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The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

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2 Studies on 1 DVD

We all know that on Thanksgiving Day it seems to be a time when we overdo it a bit, right? But unfortunately, so few of us seem to realize that we do the exact same thing when it comes to Thanksgiving’s true meaning. Believe it or not, it has much more to do with than just family, football, and food. It has everything to do with being thankful and grateful for our Heavenly Father and His faithful provision so we can continue to share the Gospel. Therefore, this study, The True Meaning of Thanksgiving, seeks to remind us of the real story and true intentions of this “holy-day.” Here you will see the antithesis of a thankful heart, that of an ungrateful whiny complaining heart, and how it will not only Shrivel Up Your Heart, but it will begin to Spread Like a Disease to Others. Folks, if we’re ever going to make a dent in the lost souls all around us, then we too need to be like the Pilgrims of old and recapture The True Meaning of Thanksgiving today!

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