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UFO's Aliens & The Coming Mass Abduction Book & DVD Combo

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More people today not only believe in Aliens than they do in the existence of God, but they also believe that Aliens have visited planet earth more than the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. Which is why UFO experts are now declaring to us that Ufology and all that it entails has effectively become a new religion for the 21st century where people now believe that Aliens will save them and all of mankind, not God. Yet, little do people realize the true seductive identity of UFO’s and Aliens let alone how they are singlehandedly being used by ancient dark forces to usher in one of the most deceptive times in the history of mankind. Therefore, this book, UFO’s Aliens & the Coming Mass Abduction seeks to equip you with the explosive truth and hard-hitting facts concerning these so-called extraterrestrial visitors and their secret hidden demonic agenda. You will take an extensive journey through such amazing revelations as:

The Premise of UFO’s & Aliens -  The Abductions of UFO’s & Aliens
The History of UFO’s & Aliens -  The Emotions of UFO’s & Aliens
The Religion & UFO’s & Aliens -  The Actions of UFO’s & Aliens
The Lies of UFO’s & Aliens -  The Possession of UFO’s & Aliens
The Teachings of UFO’s & Aliens -  The Deception of UFO’s & Aliens
The Travel of UFO’s & Aliens -  The Vatican Connection with UFO’s & Aliens
The Communication of UFO’s & Aliens -  The Occult Expectation with UFO’s & Aliens

To use a popular phrase, the truth is out there all right, and we need to get ready for it. Only it’s not what you think. UFO’s and Aliens are one of the biggest lies in the history of mankind and their dastardly purpose is about to be foisted upon the whole planet. When millions of people disappear through a mass abduction across the world, will it be the work of UFO’s and Aliens or the Lord Jesus Christ coming to get His Bride, the Church? Please don’t fall for the lie. Discover the truth about UFO’s Aliens & the Coming Mass Abduction before it’s too late!

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