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VooDoo, Vampires & The Rise of Demon Worship Book Set

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If there's one thing the world simply refuses to believe in, its in the reality of real live demonic beings. Oh, they might believe in God or heaven or even angels themselves, But actual spiritual cohorts of Satan bent on destruction are apparently what the unbelieving world finds unbelievable. The sad irony is, demons are not only fallen angels themselves, but God warns about their nefarious existence all throughout the Bible. So, the reality is, people are not only being influenced by them and each and every day whether they believe in them or not, but they really are out there tormenting the masses, destroying their lives, and leading them away from God Who alone can rescue them from this horrible spiritual dilemma. This book seeks to equip you with a well researched meticulous study on demonology along with an expose of the various branches of demon worship that have been relabeled and repackaged for a whole new generation, including the Church, and are now being promoted to children on a mind blowing scale around the world. Here you will encounter such eye popping truths as:
The Existence of Demons - The Character of Demons - The Tactics of Demons
The History of  Demon Worship - The Worship of VooDoo
The Worship of Shamanism - The Worship of Druidism - The Worship of Vampirism

Turn on the TV, go to a movie, watch a cartoon, or even read a book in school and you will see just how much demon worship is being promoted across the planet like never before in the history of mankind. Yet 65% of people who profess to be Christians refuse to believe in their existence. No wonder people's lives are being destroyed.

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